Fort Myers Fishing

Fort Myers, FL Fishing Guide

Nurturing your passion for fishing should begin with some unique insights from this Fort Myers FL fishing guide. Fishing enthusiasts should understand how to adjust their fishing strategies according to the seasons and conditions at sea. Before venturing into the waters, you should select your preferred species, favorite fishing spot, and check the weather.

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1. Know the Best Fishing Spots and Time.

Different types of fish tend to concentrate at particular spots according to the seasons. In springtime, it is advisable to extend your search over a vast area because the temperate waters allow the fish to spread over a wide area in large numbers. At such times, you are likely to catch different types of fish including tarpon, grouper, cobia, amberjack, and Spanish mackerel.

In the summertime, you are likely to get lucky if you venture around jetties and piers in the morning hours before shifting to passes and jetties later in the day when the water heats up. Winter is usually considered a time for inshore fishing. One advantage of fishing on this beach is that there seems to be an abundant supply of different species of fish regardless of the season.

2. Fish from the Piers to Improve your Odds.

Experienced anglers know that they stand greater chances of securing a larger catch if they fish from the piers instead of focusing their efforts elsewhere on the beach. The population of the fish increases along the pier to a spot where the water is deeper. Larger fish rarely come to the shallow waters. That is why you should use the piers to enhance your chances.

It is also advisable to use a boat for inshore fishing if you want an even greater catch. Fishing experts also recommend that beginners should set their sights on the northern side of the island, which is known to have a larger population of fish than other parts. It is important to have a good fishing plan, including the specific areas that are known for their abundance of fish.

3. Use the Direction of the Current.

Study the direction of the current and use it to catch a large number of fish. Naturally, you will notice that fish tend to swim in accordance with the current and tide. Once you have studied the direction of the current, it becomes easier to target and catch your preferred type of fish in the selected area. Fishing experts often make their decisions according to the current.

You should also learn how different species of fish behave when the tide is high or low. Some fish become aggressive and generally available when the tide is high, such fish are easier to catch. However, other species of fish choose to hide in the mangroves during high tide. It helps to know the characteristics of the species and the time of the tide.

4. Know when you Need a Fishing License.

Generally, you need a license before you can fish in the waters around Fort Myers beach. You must be licensed before you venture into either the salty water or the fresh water. However, you do not need a license to fish at the pier at Fort Myers Beach. This is perhaps the only place where you can fish for free.

Presently, it is free to fish on Fort Myers Beach pier because Lee County decided to cover for anyone doing the fishing at this spot. The county paid an annual blanket fee, which is meant to cover the fee for the public. Either way, you should find out from the city about the specific regulations that govern fishing on this beach.

5. Rent your Fishing Rod and Reel.

You can rent the rod and reel that you need for fishing instead of buying new ones or incurring the inconvenience of carrying your own on the day of your adventure. You only need a small amount to rent this equipment. This service is available at the Pelicans Pitstop shop, which is found on the pier.

Remember that you are required to pay around $30 as a deposit when you rent the rod and reel. You may also choose to leave behind your credit card or drivers license instead of paying the deposit. However, you should find out whether the equipment you rent is appropriate for the kind of fish that you are after. This Fort Myers FL fishing guide is meant to make your adventure simple and fun.